Windsor Baptist Church is a welcoming, inclusive and creative Christian community.

You'd be mistaken for thinking from our historic building that we're a traditional church, but that couldn't be further from reality!

Despite being founded in 1838 our worship, ministry and activities are contemporary and relevant to our 21st century world. And, each week our building is used for all manner of community activities!

Our website will show you the things we're passionate about!

Getting together

Smiley_coffee_2Our Sundays meetings start at 10.30am, but there are lots of other times when we get together, for example our Tree House Community Cafe is open in the week.

You can see what we are up to this month by clicking here.

You can find the location of our building in Victoria Street by clicking here.

At the heart

Values_handsOur church life and ministry are underpinned by our four key values:


Click here to find out more about how they shape our church life and ministry.

What makes us tick?

We believe Christian faith must be demonstrated in action.

Click the image below to link to a video about an inititave to support homeless people that we help lead and host in our building that has made a huge difference in our community.


Latest News

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Make a date for Monday!
Looking forward to fun with the Library and Book start Bear!
Please note that the Library are charging £2.50 entrance fee for this event which begins at 11.30.
If you want just to visit the Cafe that day pop in earlier between 9.30am and 10.45am

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Hi everyone, I'm really excited to be working with the
Tree House Cafe in September to launch Mini First Aid in Windsor and I really hope you'll find it a beneficial service in your local play cafe.

If you're a parent, parent to be, grandparent or carer of babies and children and would like to learn essential first aid, please email chloe@minifirstaid.co.uk to book your place.

I cover choking, CPR, Meninigitis awareness, Febrile Seizures, Head bumps and more.

Its a relaxed and friendly class in small groups. Pre-crawlers welcomed with open arms.

Thank you.

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Windsor Baptist Church, Berkshire shared Baby Bank Windsor's event. ...

Volunteers coffee morning to meet Baby bank

September 14, 2017, 10:00am

Come and meet us, share what you can do to help.

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Pop into the Tree House next Wednesday 9th August to find out more about fostering! A chance to have an informal chat and ask Rebecca any questions you might have about becoming a foster parent. ...

Fostering Information stand

August 9, 2017, 10:00am - August 9, 2017, 2:00pm

Have you ever thought about fostering? Or do you know someone who would be a great Foster Carer? Pop along to the Tree House Cafe for an informal chat with Rebecca about fostering and find out more.

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Happy Summer Holidays to all our lovely customers!
Just to let you know that our summer opening hours will be from 9.30am - 1.00pm Monday to Friday from now until the 21st August when we will close until Monday 4th Sept.
Come and see us and have a relaxing coffee!
Take out pack lunch boxes for the children available for £2.50 if the sun shines and you want to picnic in the park!

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